Intelligent cabinet

Product introduction

    Intelligent material access cabinet, also known as intelligent material transfer cabinet, intelligent material management cabinet, intelligent material storage cabinet, intelligent container, is a smart cabinet with networking, access, residual notification function, mainly used for the access of factories and enterprise units of materials, the warehouse will be placed in the cabinet after the staff can access at any time, you can take materials through face recognition.


    This mode of operation can effectively adjust the office hours of staff and warehouse management, more flexible and convenient. The intelligent material cabinet is mainly used for material access between the warehouse manager and the staff. It is similar to the responsibility of a third party intermediary, with networking, access, remaining prompts, face verification, etc., but also can carry out online record inquiry, management and other functions of the intelligent cabinet. Because of the combination of intelligent lighting guidance technology, high frequency/ultra-high frequency RFID identification technology, dynamic weighing technology and other sensor identification intelligent control system with the cabinet, it is called intelligent material cabinet.